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I say Yes!

Clarity and knowing. I have had this feeling before after watching one of those Star movies – this rush of energy and enthusiasm that comes from the book or the movie or the story (tonight it was Harry). It is also mine. It is my mental equivalent. I know that Harry and Luke are just imaginary characters but then Life Itself is imaginary – Energy in form.

This feeling is calling me out to be more than I have previously allowed myself to be – to be Me not some superhero. We are all looking for that recognition that we are indeed greater than we seem to be or at least have been so far. It’s these moments when I am lost or found in this energy that I feel truly alive and energized.

It is more than satisfaction but an awareness of my Greatness (both not in an ego way and really in an ego way). I will accomplish great things. I already have. I have already done spectacular things and not given myself credit for them. The things I will seemingly do in the future have already been done in Mind.

This is one of those turning points but that’s really laughable because I have them all the time. This is a transition. I see the Light. I don’t know that I have ever said or written that.

Each and every day there is this Infinite Flow of Love Source Energy always calling me forward to recognize the Truth of Me. Maybe I say Yes more often than some and not as often as others. I do tend to exclaim that this moment is a transition a lot and that my friends is a beautiful thing.

This is It. This right here is Life and I say YES!!!! I say Yes to living! I say Yes to loving! I say Yes to creating, to teaching, to flow and ease! I say Yes to new friends and opportunities, to home and satisfaction, to thriving and writing and being seen and being wise and clear. I say Yes to being me!

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