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This is a new day.

This is a new day, a new awareness, a new consciousness coming into form. All that We Are is already This. Just now we are allowing It to be present in more of the ways we express into and experience the lives we live.

This day from top to bottom, beginning to end, side to side, and all in between is filled with Love Source Energy in and as every person, all the feelings, conversations, thoughts, food, drinks, activities, decisions, animals, computers, fears, doubts, depression, loneliness, and every thing else.

Let us look at all that we are and experience as the Fullness of Life. Let us remember our Oneness with each other and the world around us. Let us recognize the sacred in the mundane and then choose to be more present in the moments of our lives. Let us celebrate who we are and acknowledge all of our worth and value as priceless. Let us show up in our lives fully and authentically for ourselves and each other. Let's let Life be good.

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Apr 05, 2023

I love you and your eloquence! Thank you for this…

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