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Your Light is Showing

You shine so very bright even when you are not aware of it. For all of you is Life Itself showing up brilliantly and beautifully in form! This is your day and your life! All of Life is available to you here, now. You are at choice to recognize this and embrace it. Embrace It! Recognize This as the fullness of You! This is a dance, a practice. Remind yourself often for you are worth it! Love to all #aprileconner #shine #thefullnessoflife #shineyourlight #shareyourfullness

Your bloated nothingness

It is our conviction, our certainty, and our patterns that keep us small. It is our rightness, our stubbornness, and our memories that have us living the same stories over and over again. In short, it is what we think we know that we have to let go of in order to be who we came here to be. "Let us take our bloated nothingness out of the path of the divine circuits." Ralph Waldo Emerson Let go of what you think you know - of who you think you are or aren't - to accomplish th

Who You Are

What lights you up? What sets your soul on fire in just thinking of it? What brings you terrific joy as a result of it? This is yours to do - your life - your passion - your path! And it will take you where you want to go if you let it! Let It! It is not small for you are not small! There is greatness in who you are for Who You Are is Life/Spirit/Energy. Whatever you call It, It is You! This Infinite You is calling you to remember Who You Are through your life, your passion

The Truth of Life

When we start to recognize Life in all Its glory in the mundane as well as the profound, it opens us up to witness the Divine in every moment. When we are open to the possibility that each and every moment is Divine, we must see everything as Infinite Potentiality. When we allow everything to be This, we must embrace the Fullness of Ourselves. Love to all #thetruthofLife #thetruthofyou #aprileconner

Here's to it all

This day is full of Joy, Beauty, Love, Laughter, and Ease. These qualities are abundantly scattered everywhere and today is a scavenger hunt to claim them. Enjoy it all. Love to all #aprileconner #herestoitall

Divine Conversations with Mark Elliott, part 2

Part two of the Divine Conversation with the brilliant Mark Elliott on the topic of gratitude is full of gems & rich in content. In this segment, Mark and I discuss some of the various ways to use gratitude to enhance your life. We also talk about a few tools that are available on his website You can contact Mark at #divineconversations #aprileconner #gratitude #markelliott

Not Jello

Your path doesn't look like any other. There are many teachers that will try to tell you how to be and what to do. But you are already sacred and whole. Any way that you recognize and embrace that is yours and yours alone. You may use some or all of the tools someone suggests but you are Life individualized. Even ancient paths that many have walked before are still individual paths. Where you are now is the fullness of Life. This is your path as unique and individual as you

US - A Poem

US is a poem to remind us that we are stronger together. Originally published in 2016 and even more relevant today. #us #strongertogether #aprileconner #poem

Divine Conversations w/ David Washington, part 2

Here's the second part of a Divine Conversation with David Washington on fear. It is my wish that these videos remind you and bring you closer to your own truth. #divineconversations #fear #aprileconner #davidwashington

Divine Conversations w/ David Washington, part 1

Some of the most profound insights and wisdom I've ever experienced was through what seemed to be mundane conversations. I live for these Divine Conversations that opens me up, connects me with another individual, and allows me to recognize my own wisdom. My friend, David Washington, joined me for one such conversation on fear. Here's the first segment of it. Please enjoy while I edit the next part. And please check out David's website ( t

Radical Self-Care

Care-giving is something we do when we care. The challenge here is to make yourself one of those you care about and for. T

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