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It's a New Day!

Welcome a New You!

Your journey towards living life fully & joyfully begins today.

No matter what has happened, no matter what you feel - You Are Not Broken!  

You Are Powerful! You Are Brilliant! 

You Are Creative!  You Are Worthy!

I understand you may not feel this way but I am here to remind you that ...

This is Your Life!

You deserve happiness and fulfillment!

Are you ready?

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About April

Inspired & Inspiring

Life can be easy, joyous, and fun! 

As a Spiritual Practitioner, April shows up in the world as a guide, a writer, and a motivational speaker.

Spirit is her passion and awareness of expanding consciousness is her groove. 

With a deep understanding that we are all Spirit in form and we all need support sometimes, 

April expertly guides you to find and use the right transformational tools.

It is her honor to witness for you as you find and embrace your own truth, power, and wisdom.

Let's get started!

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Garden Path


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Intuitive Guidance

Work with someone who sees your potential and holds a vision for who and how you say you want to be, while completely accepting you for how amazing you already are.

Using intuition as well as other proven tools, April helps you remember what makes your life joyous! 

Each session will help you identify root emotions and underlying beliefs. 

Appointments will focus on the best ways to release that which no longer serves you and decide the next steps to take.  

Each meeting will end with an affirmative prayer to solidify the work that was done. 

Diverse Group Cheering

Inspired Motivational Speaker

From Workshops to Sunday messages, April is delightful and forthright.  She gets to the heart of the matter while speaking to your heart.

Every experience with April is powerful, unique, and inspiring.

With the ultimate goal of recognizing expanding consciousness in all she does, April's talks and workshops are educational, experiential, and fun.  

Dedicated to spiritual growth, all that April shares is about seeing Life and Ourselves as Divine Now.

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Interested in more information?

Please contact April - through this form or directly 

for information about prices, availability, or to schedule an appointment.

All services are available virtually.

Thanks for submitting!

Meditation by the Sea
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